On both sides of the Elbe

Idyllically nestled in the Elbe valley, Dresden, the capital of Saxony, does not look like a typical big city at first glance. It shows as a bit dreamy and, on the edge of the basin, even very rural - by no means spectacular or glamorous as one is used from the world's great metropolises. And this is perhaps the secret of its incredible charm. To get closer to the city as a visitor, we first turn our gaze to the lifeline in the middle of Dresden: the Elbe.


The river flows lazily and calmly. In front of the meadows on the Königsufer on the Neustadt side, the evening sun reflects on the small eddies and waves, shines on the buildings of Dresden Castle. On the Augustus Bridge, which leads into the Old Town, tourists stroll from the Golden Rider across the Elbe to the Church of the Holy Cross and visit the Green Vault, the world-famous Semper Opera House or one of the city's countless museums. Dresden Old Town with the Zwinger, the Frauenkirche, the Neumarkt, the shopping arcades and much more is the tourist highlight of any trip to Saxony.


Sitting on the banks of the Elbe, with a cold beer in hand - we prefer local varieties such as Lößnitz Pils - time can be forgotten. Between skaters, drum groups, breakdancers and young people from many different countries, you can enjoy life. This is where the Film Nights on the banks of the Elbe take place in the summer months, with concerts by world-famous stars such as Neil Young or Queens of the Stone Age, and a legendary selection of films against the historic backdrop of Dresden. Just a few hundred metres further downstream at the Japanese Palace, another beautiful open-air festival takes place almost simultaneously in summer; the Palaissommer, with daily yoga classes, readings, concerts and film screenings. This is the slow rhythm of Dresden, the peaceful, languid life by the river.

Neustadt life

After this relaxing time spent by the river, in the evening we dive into the Äußere Neustadt, Dresden's pub and trendy and lively district. With more than 150 bars, clubs and restaurants, the Neustadt is the centre of a young and pulsating life. This is where Dresden hostels are located, right in the heart of the party scene, impressive street art adorns the walls and courtyards. Here you will find the Kunsthofpassage and a large selection of local shops for every need.

Hostels in Dresden

The ideal starting point for your discoveries are the hostels Lollis Homestay and Hostel Mondpalast. Both are located in Neustadt. Here you can get all the information you need for your stay, tips from Dresden receptionists and meet other travellers and Dresdeners. The historic Old Town is within walking distance, and in the evening you'll fall straight into bed from the pub or party.

  1. right in the Neustadt area
  2. original backpackers
  3. daily hostel events
  4. free bicycles
  5. alternative and ecological
  6. meet travellers from all over the world
  1. central location
  2. stage for concerts and events
  3. lucious breakfast
  4. on site bar
  5. bicycle shed with 220V sockets
  6. co-working café