In the first morning rays of sunshine we leave the industrial halls of the Sektor Evolution club. In the outdoor circus tent, the DJ plays another spherical Deep Dubtechno set. The night was long and excessive, with driving techno we are completely absorbed in the moment. We make a quick stop at the legendary OKA club, or affectionately known as "klein a", where the progressive Techno party continues all weekend. But we are exhausted and want to chat a bit more and let the night fade away. A little drunk, we exchange our memories. The listed industrial area, or Strasse E, has always made alternative party hearts beat faster. Many clubs, such as Paula Club for House and Minimal Techno, Tante Ju club, the venerable Bunker club for Darkwave and Gothic or the Reithalle club have found their home here in old transformer buildings or in the brick ex-ammunition factories. We decide that dancing is more enlightening than the leaden past and walk southwards.

From the heights of the industrial site it is only four stops to home and although the public transport in Dresden reliably serves connections all night, I and my crew prefer to walk down the Elbe slope towards home.

Strasse E
Strasse E

beyond the Strasse E

There are other clubs in Dresden such as the Stromwerk in the Kraftwerk Mitte complex, which is less important in the scene compared to the other clubs because the location is very commercial and events do not take place regularly. The Kraftwerk Mitte, on the other hand, is worth a visit from an architectural point of view and houses, among many others, the Theatre of the Young Generation (Theater der Jungen Generation). More sympathetic is the smaller Gisela Club with its living room atmosphere and beer garden, also a bit away from the centre in the Löbtau district. The "Vote Night" concept is exciting here, where you vote online for the setting of the party. There is a varied programme here with karaoke or a 90's party. Koralle is probably the smallest club in Dresden, and by small I mean tiny. But the entrance fee is also small. It is located in the middle of Neustadt in an old vaulted cellar and is known for Techno, House or Funk parties. Nothing for hours of expressive dancing, but definitely cool for in between if you're on a pub crawl in the Neustadt anyway.

We stroll down towards Neustadt, Dresden's trendy district. In Alaunpark we sit down with the last beer on the meadow, which is very busy during the day but now almost meditatively quiet, listen to the birds in the old trees, watch night owls like us looking for a quiet, sunny spot, or slowly stagger home. It's good that both the Lollis Homestay and the Mondpalast Hostel are within easy reach of here, and we can go to sleep and recharge our batteries for the next night.

Dresden after a long party
morning mood

where to start

After we've had a good night's sleep and some good food (tips under "Culinary"), we make our next round through Dresden clubs and stay in Neustadt today, because everything is close together here and thus within easy walking distance of the hostels.

After a cocktail either in Wohnzimmer, El Cubanito - directly opposite Lollis Homestay - or in the Madness Bar has put us back in the party mood, we start the club night in the Altes Wettbüro. Here we can have a drink, eat if we want - it's important to fill our stomachs before a night out! - and listen to the relaxed DJ set, or good live lounge music. Both the inside of the restaurant and the courtyard are very relaxed and cosy.

bars with music programme

Mora Bar
Mora Bar

For live music and DJ sets, let's not forget Ost-Pol, Groove Station and Katy's Garage. Also Blue Note, which however offers a much warmer, jazzy atmosphere.

If, on the other hand, we simply want to take a tour of the most emblematic bars in the district, we definitely need to pass by the historic Hebedas, which today still looks like the neighbourhood pub it always has, but now attracts a young hip crowd. There are several other recommendable bars in the vicinity: Die 100, Lebowski Bar, Bautzner Tor, Weinzentrale, Bar Holda, Combo Café Bar, MORA Dresden, Tír na nÓg, Heartbreak and Rosis Amüsierlokal (with Hellmuts for dinner, still a MUST for the students) and many more...

When our alcohol level is finally so high that we have lost all inhibitions, well... that will be the moment to go to Der Lude for group karaoke.... The bravest can also try their hand at pole dancing!

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