Associations and initiatives

Dresden's political past is important and becomes tangible. The city was deeply shaped by historical and political events. The traces are visible in the streets, on the building sites, in the eyes and the mentality of the people.

The city of Dresden is also the product of a war, of bombardments, of a division, of a regime, of a perhaps somewhat sudden and still very recent opening to the world.

In such a context, the political and social consciousness remains strong. People are aware of their past, they are deeply affected by it, and they remain actively engaged politically and socially.

A completely different perspective

For this reason, it seems appropriate to point out some of the associations in the city that are also designed as meeting places and points of reference for locals, but which can also be experienced by tourists who want to immerse themselves more deeply and meaningfully in local life.

If we want to take home something more from Dresden, besides the view of the Elbe and the baroque architectures, we should try to participate in some events organised by these organisations: this way we will be able to get closer to the locals and their perspective on life and the world.

left wing and antifa

AZ Conni is an alternative centre where people can plan and organise political events and participate in social and cultural activities. The centre runs open youth work, a kindergarten, a contact café to help refugees find housing, as well as a pub and cultural centre.
Here, all people with struggles against discrimination, oppression and inequality find a space and support. To meet friends and have a chat in the open air, we can spend a Wednesday evening at AZ Conni: we can eat a vegan dish by leaving a small offer, watch skaters do their tricks on the miniramp and listen to the music of a local DJ. And all this in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

AZ Conni
AZ Conni

grassroots art and culture

Kukulida Kunst und Kultur Verein is a meeting place for art, music, theatre, politics, social interaction and everything that people can and want to express themselves with. The Kukulida is a place with grassroots democratic structures. People work in Kukulida on a voluntary basis and want to create an inviting space that can be both a place for networking among cultural workers and a safe experimental space for events.
Kukulida takes a clear position against discrimination based on gender, origin, ability, sexual orientation and identity, religion, age, socio-economic status or intersections of these categories. Literary, artistic and musical events take place here every Wednesday and Thursday evening. Entry is free, because the space wants to be accessible to everyone.

Encounters between old and new Dresdeners

Dialog in Deutsch has been offered by the Dresden Municipal Libraries since 2017 to immigrants who would like to use and deepen their German language skills in conversation with other people in a group. It is possible to join at any time, the offer is open and free of charge and does not require any tests or exams. Volunteer German facilitators lead the conversation groups. Access is open to all, so if we are in Dresden for a few days and want to take the opportunity to improve our spoken German by meeting people from all over the world, this is definitely the event for us!

Dresden für Alle is a network of more than 100 initiatives, organisations, associations and institutions in Dresden. As a network, they advocate for a democratic urban society in which participation is possible for all. They fight against all forms of discrimination. Debates, sports tournaments, German courses, film screenings: many are the events and initiatives that the association promotes.

regular tables
Language regulars' table

Every Thursday, old and new Dresdeners meet for a Language regulars' table. This takes place in alternating weeks, one week in German and the other week in English. This way you can practice and improve your language skills while meeting interesting new people from all over the world. Instagram, Interlocal event

Women's Centre

Sowieso - Frauen für Frauen has been combining culture, counselling and education for women under one roof since 1990. Here women can meet and experience support. It is a place that offers protection and space for self-development. The aim of the work is to strengthen women on an individual, interpersonal and social level. The services offered include psychological, intercultural and legal counselling as well as self-help groups. The artistic proposals are particularly interesting: "Open Stage for Women" and women's choir.

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